Tolbert Rehab
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Dr. Tolbert's Philosophy

After a decade of practicing medicine in different healthcare systems — county, government, managed care, Dr. Tolbert grew frustrated …

Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness was founded in order to revive appropriate patient – centered care.

Healthcare is managed as a partnership between the physician, team of specialists, and each patient. Our vision is to restore quality of life, wellness, and optimize our patients' function.


Dr. Tolbert is a medical doctor who specializes in using non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques and procedures to relieve patients of acute and chronic pain. She is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with a sub specialty in Spinal Cord Medicine.

Dr. Tolbert believes in using all the tools at her disposal to assist the patient. She treats each patient as an individual, and excels in the treatment of the complex patient; therefore, each patient gets a unique treatment plan based on their diagnosis.

* Ultrasound guided joint injections, trigger points, nerve blocks.
* Epidurals
* Injections for tendon and /or ligament damage (Platlet rich plasma injections)
* Low level laser
* Strengthening and exercise programs
* H wave and various electro stimulation therapies
* Decompression
* EMG's and nerve conduction studies
* Various medications as needed for pain relief
* Medications inclusive of homeopathic meds

Although Dr. Tolbert has all these tools, and more, at her availability, she believes in a holistic approach to care. She stresses strengthening, exercising, and education, to assisting the patient to be responsible for their own care. These tools are used to help make it easier for the patient to achieve those goals.

Back pain
Hip pain
Headaches (migraines)
Shoulder pain
Knee pain
Foot pain

Complications from:

Work injuries
Sport injuries
Para or Quadriplegias