Tolbert Rehab
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Got Pain?

Do you suffer from constant pain in any of the following areas:

* Back
* Hip
* Headaches (Migraines)
* Shoulder
* Knee
* Foot

Do you avoid doing things due to that pain?

At the Center, you can get back in the game!

We Relieve Pain!

* Quickly
* Naturally
* NON-Surgically
* With minimal physical therapy required

Our Programs and Techniques:

- Accelerates Healing
- Reduces Arthritis
- Regenerates ligaments, tendons, muscles & joints
- Shortens rehabilitation sessions

Using MINIMALLY INVASIVE procedures, the Center staff uses your OWN BODY to get rid of the pain.

These procedures and therapies are performed by a board certified Medical Doctor in Spinal Cord Medicine, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation.



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We Relieve Pain!